*Dawn over the Sahara; I took the photo in 1997 from the cockpit of a Sudan Airways jet over the Sahara north of Khartoum, shortly before dawn. The sun is below the horizon but, at 35,000 feet, it blazes in dazzling colours on the underside of the clouds. The desert below would still have been in darkness.
Our philosophy

Help clients establish precisely what their existing scene is

Work out the ideal scene for their business or activity

Develop strategy for the client to move from their existing to their ideal scene

Provide support for that journey

Make sure the client reaches their ideal scene

Reprogram for the next phase

Why are we Strategic Resolution?

Strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a long-term or overall aim, or to solve a problem.

is untying knotty and tangled situations, finding answers to problems and finding ways out of difficulties.

Resolution is changing discord to harmony

Resolution is also determined character, boldness and firmness of purpose, steadfastness.

At Strategic Resolution we embody all of these meanings in our approach to our work and in the strategic assistance we give to our clients, both fee for service and pro bono.

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Dawn over the Sahara
Strategic Resolution
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