Strategic Resolution
Case Study 1 - Engineering services

Client had developed a product and process for the sustainable repair of potholes on urban roads. All the material that remains in the area to be treated is recycled and only the small amount that’s missing needs to be added. Despite their process being cheaper, quicker, more sustainable and longer lasting, they were not seeing the expansion they wanted in the London Boroughs.

We proposed a strategy for achieving the needed expansion and went to work. Within eleven months of starting we had arranged live demonstrations of the machine and process for ten of the thirty three London Boroughs, briefed the Mayor of London and senior executives of Transport for London and given a live demonstration to a senior official in the UK’s Department for Transport at Westminster.  The system is in use with Westminster City Council and the results can be seen here. We have also helped in the creation of streamlined export documentation and assisted the company in making progress on exporting to new countries.
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*Dawn over the Sahara; I took the photo in 1997 from the cockpit of a Sudan Airways jet over the Sahara north of Khartoum, shortly before dawn. The sun is below the horizon but, at 35,000 feet, it blazes in dazzling colours on the underside of the clouds. The desert below would still have been in darkness.
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