*Dawn over the Sahara; I took the photo in 1997 from the cockpit of a Sudan Airways jet over the Sahara north of Khartoum, shortly before dawn. The sun is below the horizon but, at 35,000 feet, it blazes in dazzling colours on the underside of the clouds. The desert below would still have been in darkness.
Strategic Resolution
Case Study 3 - Professional artist

For an artist to move to another country where she is unknown and to establish herself and her art in the new location is not easy. Unfamiliarity with the culture, the change from being well known to being unknown and starting again to make a whole new set of contacts present a big challenge. This client is very well established in her country of origin. She is a member of a well known family of artists but she decided to move to the UK.

We created a project that enabled her to have her work shown in a high level collection at the heart of the British establishment .  
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