*Dawn over the Sahara; I took the photo in 1997 from the cockpit of a Sudan Airways jet over the Sahara north of Khartoum, shortly before dawn. The sun is below the horizon but, at 35,000 feet, it blazes in dazzling colours on the underside of the clouds. The desert below would still have been in darkness.
Strategic Resolution
Duncan McNair © 2014*
Our ideal clients

You are likely to be successful working with us if,

You deliver quality products or your services for your clients or customers,

Your products or professional services delivered are, without exception, your best effort; striving for excellence and continuous improvement is built into your corporate culture and mission,

You adhered to the highest standards of honesty and integrity. If you want to success by taking unethical shortcuts, we're not for you. If you want to play the game at the highest level, we'd like help you success. We primarily work with UK based companies or the UK subsidiaries of ompanies based outside the UK but are happy to consider working at long range if your project fits our criteria.

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