*Dawn over the Sahara; I took the photo in 1997 from the cockpit of a Sudan Airways jet over the Sahara north of Khartoum, shortly before dawn. The sun is below the horizon but, at 35,000 feet, it blazes in dazzling colours on the underside of the clouds. The desert below would still have been in darkness.
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Dawn over the Sahara
Who we work with

Do you feel that your expansion is blocked by particular commercial or political obstacles, or by competitor interference with the market? Or perhaps it is simply a question of getting yourself well established and known about?

We work with businesses from individual business professionals up to medium sized companies that typically have a growing presence in the UK and / or export markets. Often, our clients need to overcome commercial or political barriers to expansion. We also help individual creative professionals who want to increase their reach and impact, either in general or for a particular project.  
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Does this sound like you?

"We have a great product or service with real potential to capitalise on our intellectual property and change the market. However there are barriers to entry or expansion like the 'we have always done it this way so why change' syndrome. We are frustrated by this and need help to break out of the box we are in"

"Our products provide a real solution to a difficult problem. They make life better for people but are being attacked by well established vested interests that do not want to see us taking market share. We need help to overcome this and take the place in the market that we feel is rightfully ours."

"My business is established and kind of ticking along. I believe there is much more potential in it than we have been able to achieve so far. We need help with public relations, particularly with social media, so that we can increase our impact and our reach. We also need training so that we can learn how to do this by ourselves in future."

"I am an independent creative artist with strong technical skill and a real, creative aesthetic flair. Now I just need help to get myself well known and 'out there' so that I can reach people and institutions that will appreciate my art."

What our clients have in common is the need to overcome barriers to expansion in their particular market.    
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Strategic Resolution
Dawn over the Sahara
Dawn over the Sahara
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Strategic Resolution
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